The Five Core Essentials for Health and Longevity!

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In the modern world today, we are experiencing a health crises that involves more and more people being diagnosed with auto immune diseases, cancer, degenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes, etc. What most people may not know is that most of these disease conditions can be prevented. The allopathic medical model teaches us that we are victims of our genes and that certain illnesses are inevitable. A new branch of genetic research called, “epigenetics” is teaching us the contrary. Epigenetics teaches that you have the ability to shut off bad genes and turn your good genes on via a life filled with good nutrition. Here are five core essentials you can do to begin the journey towards better health and longevity!

First, you must begin drinking water. The new recommended amount you should drink daily is 1/2 oz to 1 oz of water per pound. This is what the Eastern world is teaching about hydration. Research from the Japanese literature is also showing that you should be consuming ionized, antioxidant, and micro-clustered water like Kangen water, the only certified medical ionizer in the world. Water with these properties occurs naturally in high glacial mountain regions around the world where people are living the longest and healthiest. Water not only sustains life, but it also gives life! Like the glacial water sources, Kangen ionized water has these life giving properties you need daily, therefore, assisting metabolic processes and preventing disease in your body. As you can see, water is not created equal, therefore, water coming from the tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, and distilled are unhealthy sources because the life giving properties are often missing in these water sources, plus, they are acidic and have many harmful contaminants in them.

Second, you need to replace your synthetic vitamins for whole food nutrition. Juice Plus is whole food in capsule form. You may be taking synthetic vitamins that do not get absorbed in the body and current research shows that these vitamins may increase cancer risk. Replacing your multi-vitamin for a whole food plant based product like Juice Plus with third party medical research is the way to go. Your body recognizes it as food and goes to support the body at a cellular level.

Third, you will need to take digestive enzymes and probiotics daily with each meal. The reason is because you probably consume too many cooked foods that do not have enzymes in them, therefore, exhausting the enzyme potential in the body. Core Health Products like the Core Health Pack and Digestive Health are certified products with research backing that it works through the entire digestive system at different pH levels to assist in the complete digestion of the foods you eat. Until you break down your food into a burnable form, you may run the risk of weight gain and having undigested food enter the bloodstream that will lead to oxidative stress and acidity in the body, therefore, leading to possible disease. A simple proverb will suffice what all this means, “you do not live based on the foods you consume; but by the foods you digest into a burnable form.”

Fourth, you must take a balanced blend of essential fatty acids. You probably consume to many omega 6’s and 9’s and not enough omega 3’s. There is a 4:1 ratio when it comes to fats. To ensure your getting a balanced amount of Omega 3, 6, and 9’s, the Core EFA’s from Core Health Products will help you reach a balanced state. The Core EFA’s come from Krill oil, the best known source of Omega 3″s because of its double strand phospholipid structure that resembles the fatty layers of our cells, therefore, giving you better cellular support. It is extremely bioavailable and bioactive, meaning, that your body will absorb it better and it will support cellular health more efficiently than other sources of essential fatty acids.

Fifth, you must be taking a balanced amount of amino acids. Laminine is a patented product that uses an extract from a 9 day incubated hen egg, along with marine and plant based proteins. In the egg extract you get what is called Fibroblast Growth Factor. This is actually rich in the placenta during pregnancy for the development of the fetus, but we lose it when the umbilical cord is cut from the infant after birth. This only known food source of FGF takes the plant and marine proteins and puts them where they are needed most in the body, in other words, it acts as an adaptogen. You will get a balanced amount of all 22 essential and nonessential amino acids daily, therefore, ensuring you are not deficient. Amino acid deficiency can cause major health problems and taking supplements that have unbalanced amounts of amino acids derived from non-food sources can cause problems as well as deficiency.

The key to prevent disease in the body has to occur at the cellular level. These five core essentials will help your body get the support and nutrition it needs at the cellular level. If you do these five fundamentals with a nutrition plan rich in nuts, seeds, sprouts, sprouted grains, and raw plant foods, your health will be greatly increased!


To Life and Longevity!

John Nardozzi


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