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If you have spent any time in the health and fitness field, chances are you have heard about what it takes to get bigger, faster, and stronger. Professional athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger today than they ever have been in histories past, however, many athletes today spend more time recovering from injuries, and their careers are getting shorter and shorter. You may find yourself in this dilemma as well.

The dogma that is taught regarding athletic performance today centers on consuming mostly animal protein, drinking sports enhancing beverages, and overtraining. All three of these being taught regarding athletic performance are myths from a molecular/cellular biological perspective. Over time these teachings will leave the body malnourished, the blood and tissues acidic, bones and connective tissues de-mineralized, and overall toxic!

You may be asking: “If I follow these traditional teachings, what are the reasons why my body will become this way over time? Let’s discuss each of them and the problems that occur with each recommendation.

Yourself and many athletes have heard it said, to get bigger, faster, and stronger, you must consume large amounts of animal protein daily. The problem with eating too much animal protein is the fact that it lacks phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, alkaline salts, enzymes, and fiber that plant based foods contain to help nourish the body at the cellular level. Meat and fish also becomes acidic when it digests, therefore, causing the blood and tissues to become acidic over time. This leads to the body having to pull alkaline minerals from bones and connective tissues to neutralize the acids produced from the animal protein, thus, demineralizing the body as well. Plus, too much animal protein consumption will begin to ferment in the intestinal tract that eventually can leak toxins in the blood stream, causing your cells to become hypoxic (lacking oxygen), leading to lower energy levels. This acidic and hypoxic state eventually effects athletic performance by reducing ventilatory threshold output, and overall cardiovascular endurance.

You and many athletes are being taught that drinking sports beverages are good for athletic performance because it supposedly hydrates and replenishes electrolytes. The problem with sports drinks is that they contain large amounts of sugar, artificial colorings, bad sources of sodium, and some are even carbonated. Drinking these fluids will create a toxic chemical soup for your cells to bathe in. It will assist in the malnourishment of your body because the toxins and acid producing substances in them, will require the body to use minerals from bones and connective tissues, along with other metabolic processes to neutralize these acids and eliminate the toxic waste from the body. This creates overall toxicity and acidity in the blood and tissues, therefore, reducing muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

These fluids do not hydrate the body as well, they actually dehydrate the body! Remember, water is the only liquid that hydrates the body at a cellular level. A 3% drop in cellular hydration, causes about a 10% decrease in muscle strength and endurance. This may explain why athletes who drink these fluids during the game end up with muscle cramps and pulled muscles after competing for a few hours. You may have or are experiencing some of these symptoms as well. Drinking more water will not only hydrate the body, but allow for the metabolic acids produced during strenuous physical activity to be neutralized, therefore, increasing muscle strength and endurance throughout training or athletic events. This is due in large part because water supplies oxygen to your cells, the substance they need for fuel.

Another problem with sports drinks is that they will not replace your electrolytes due to the acid producing ingredients that need to be neutralized by the mineral found in your bones and connective tissue. The energy you get from them is from sugar, a false stimulant that may actually cause injury as described in the last paragraph. Plus, these beverages are marketed in a way to make you think that they are good for the body, albeit, if that was the case, then why are athletes still cramping and pulling muscles during games, while consuming them?

The idea of training harder and longer, may due more harm than good, especially if you follow the first two teachings. You may currently be following this advice. Your body naturally produces acids under normal cellular metabolism. A major metabolic by-product of training is acid production, like lactic acid that leads to muscle soreness. When you combine normal metabolic processes, with overtraining, eating too many acidic foods and consuming acidic drinks, the body overall begins to break down metabolically causing malnourishment, de-mineralization, and blood and tissue acidosis/toxicity. Over time, you will experience the effects!

All three of these mythological teachings concerning athletic performance may help with getting bigger, faster, and stronger, but only for a short period of time! It may be the reason why many athletes or yourself believe that it works because you are not feeling the body breakdown, that is, yet! These teachings break the body down slowly at the cellular level and the body becomes malnourished, demineralized, acidic, and toxic. If this was not the case, then why are athletes bigger, faster, and stronger, albeit, are injured more, and are retiring at younger ages? The body just cannot keep up with all the metabolic abuse it has received over the years.

Increasing athletic performance is the goal of every athlete or those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle, like yourself. You can achieve this goal, while preventing biochemical havoc in the body! Just by drinking water, eating more plant based foods,and getting more rest, your performance should go up. For more information on athletic performance, refer to the article, “The Five Core Essentials For Health and Longevity” and also the nutrition guides on to learn more about what you can do to increase endurance and reduce acidic overload in your blood and tissues!

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