Inflammation, The Silent Killer!

One of the most talked about topics today regarding your health is the role that inflammation plays in most, if not all, disease processes. A book titled, “Enzyme Therapy,” written by Drs. Wolfe and Ransberger state, “inflammation in its multitude of forms is perhaps the most general and fundamental reaction in all pathological processes.” Most allopathic and naturopathic physicians know the importance of addressing inflammation because without reducing or eliminating inflammation, any disease will not resolve itself. The fundamental difference between allopathic and naturopathic physicians in addressing inflammation, is that, the former treats it with drugs, while, the latter, treats it with foods, supplements, and a plethora of alternative therapies.

So what is inflammation? Any diagnoses you get from a physician ending in “itis” means you have inflammation going on in or outside your body. Whether you injure yourself physically, exercise, eat toxic food, drink toxic beverages, are exposed to toxic chemicals, get a bacterial infection, contract a viral infection, etc., there is a three-stage series of defense that starts: the reaction phase, the repair phase, and the regenerative phase. During the reaction phase, the body tries to isolate the damaged or infected tissue from spreading. This leads to heat, redness, pain, fever, swelling, edema, etc. All these just listed are symptoms of inflammation and the list goes on and on. The repair stage consists of mucus, pus, or any other fluids from the injury, and white blood cells gather in the area to repair the damaged region or fight the infection or virus. If your body’s immune system is functioning well, the cells/tissues will regenerate themselves and the body will heal itself. Whether you injure yourself, get an infection, contract a virus, become diagnosed with a degenerative disease, auto immune disease, or cancer, inflammation is a part of the disease process. Most of these diseases are caused by lifestyle. For example, Dr. Otto Warburg, a two time Noble Prize winner, states in a lecture given in Germany back in 1969, that 80% of cancer is caused from exogenous sources, in other words, what you eat, drink, or exposed to in the environment are the primary causes of cancer.

Your body has self-healing mechanisms to rid itself of these inflammatory diseases, albeit, you need to support it by supplying your body with the raw materials it needs to repair and regenerate itself. Millions of people get diagnosed with diseases everyday, albeit, some through nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and alternative therapies never allow the disease to nourish itself enough to cause permanent damage or even death. You can either slow the progression of a disease, stop it dead in its tracks, or completely reverse it through lifestyle. Addressing inflammation is a part of this process.

What are some ways you can reduce or prevent inflammation in your body from exogenous (outside) sources? First, the most abundant substance in the body is water. Kangen ionized alkaline water has an ORP reading between -200 to -850, which means, that it has an abundance of antioxidants. When you drink it fresh from the machine, all those antioxidants are immediately absorbed in the body. Moreover, drinking this water will reduce inflammation tremendously because of the antioxidant potential. Second, like water, eating raw fruits and vegetables is necessary. The ORAC value of fruits and veggies are high, therefore, giving your body the raw materials it needs to support the self-healing mechanisms in the body, as a result, it reduces inflammation in your body. Third, herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, hot peppers, etc., will reduce inflammation in your body. Fourth, good sources of fat like avocados, avocado oil, coconut oil, flax seed, flax oil, borage, krill oil, grape seed oil, nuts, seeds, virgin olive oils, etc. Just make sure that they are cold-pressed, organic, and virgin oils, to ensure, the oil is not rancid or contaminated with toxins. The article titled, “Fat is Not Your Enemy,” on will help you understand the role fat plays in maintaing your health. Fifth, the basic types of supplements derived from natural and whole food sources are the best. A whole food product like Juice Plus will help you add more fruits, berries, and veggies in your nutrition plan daily that will help reduce inflammation and prevent disease. Taking digestive and proteolytic enzymes like the Digestive Health, Joint Health, and Heart Health from Core Health Products will reduce acidity in the body, break up undigested food in the blood and tissues, and help to eliminate toxic waste in your body. All of these will reduce inflammation because it will help oxygenate your cells and reduce toxicity. Also, the Core E.F.A.’s from Core Health will give you a balanced amount of Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s that will oxygenate your blood, protect brain and nerve tissues, and reduce inflammation. You can also pick up other antioxidant supplements at your health food store to reduce inflammation, like NAC, Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, L-glutathione, Betaine, Tocotrienols, etc.

There are tests you can get that will measure the amount of inflammation you have in the body. The two that are recommended are the C-Reactive Protein Test and the Homocystene test. These will not tell you where the inflammation is in the body, but will at least give you a general indication as to the levels of inflammation you have in the body. Regardless of how high or low your levels are, the recommendations stated above are still necessary for the prevention of disease and for the reduction of inflammation. Remember, it takes more than one preventative measure to address inflammation or disease in the body, so take the holistic approach, and maximize your chances of the body healing itself. Click on the link below to learn more about the five essentials needed for health and wellness. We hope to hear from you! Contact us, if you have any questions.


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