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“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”… Hippocrates: The Father of Medicine

Early on in his discoveries, Dr. Gerson came to understand that the two principle, underlying causes of disease were deficiency and toxicity. The modern worlds diet of overly-cooked, processed, boxed and canned foods (along with all the sugar, salt and fat in the standard diet) has left our bodies craving fresh organic nutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the abuse of artificial fertilizers and the irradiation of store-bought conventional produce have left raw fruits and vegetables devoid of their natural vitamin, mineral and enzymatic systems necessary to heal a sick body and maintain a healthy one.

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In conjunction with deficiency, environmental pollutants ranging from pesticides on our foods, heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride in our water, to the constant burning of fossil fuels has overburdened our bodies with an abnormal amount of toxicity. Considering these two causative factors of disease, deficiency and toxicity, it is no mistake that the rates of cancer and other degenerative diseases have skyrocketed over the last century. In 1900, the incidence of cancer was 1:50. Today it is 1:2 in industrialized nations.

To combat these harsh realities, Dr. Gersons therapy bombards the body with a completely sodium-free diet consisting of twenty pounds of organic fruits and vegetables daily—mostly in the form of freshly-squeezed juices that flood the body with a mass array of vitamins, minerals and vital enzymes necessary for complete healing and restoration. Patients receive a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables throughout the day consisting of three freshly prepared meals and 13 juices daily.

In conjunction with the hyper-alimentation of organic fruits and vegetables, patients receive a wide variety of very specific natural supplements to enhance individual organ systems such as the thyroid, liver, pancreas, stomach and intestinal systems. These supplements, in conjunction with the specific, strict, vegetarian dietary regimen work to completely restore the bodys failing internal metabolism…..the basis of a properly functioning immune system able to fend off and destroy cancer and other degenerative diseases.

To address the issue of toxicity, Gerson came up with an ingenious solution; the coffee enema. Coffee, when taken rectally, stimulates the liver and bile ducts to open up and dump stored toxins into the intestines for elimination. More importantly, the palmitic acid in coffee stimulates the production of the glutathione-s-transferase enzyme system which is primarily responsible for the binding and elimination of free radical toxins out of your system.

When strictly adhered to, the Gerson therapy is a very thorough system of hyper- alimentation and detoxification that has nearly 100 years of proven success in treating and curing a vast majority of advanced(and non-advanced) degenerative diseases.