The Gerson Cornerstone, Wellness Program

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The Gerson Wellness Program is an introduction into a lifestyle of wholeness, balance, healing and well-being. It gives you the basics of the Gerson Therapy which, for nearly a century, has had success in healing people from almost any chronic or degenerative disease.

The Gerson Wellness Program will give you new insights into ways of correcting and healing many problem areas in your life. You will be able to see how the foods are prepared, how the juices are specifically made fresh every hour and experience, for yourself, how the various aspects of true healing are carried out.

Also available are the learning sessions that you can participate in that typically include interacting with others that are also at our clinic receiving care. The classes include Power-point presentations, videos, lectures and question and answer sessions with the medical staff. It is an excellent way to not only receive weeks of healing your own body but also becoming educated enough to help others carry out the aspects of the Gerson Therapy; an excellent option for health care practitioners to actually learn the Gerson Therapy and share it with their patients in their own practice.

The Gerson Wellness Program includes 3 full-cooked Gerson Meals daily, put 8 fresh juices and 2-3 enemas and the price is $3200 per week per person.If two participants share the same room then the cost is $4800 per week.

The following lab tests are available, while you are here, for an additional cost. The standard initial tests are: a Blood Chemistry Profile(SMAC), CBC w/differential and Urinalysis. The cost for these tests is $150 U.S. Dollars. Additional tests are also available. Please ask for pricing for any additional lab tests you may need while you are here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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