Online/In-Home Consultations

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For whatever reason, whether it be financial, no desire to leave home, or travel long distances for care, we have decided to offer ONLINE/IN-HOME CONSULTATIONS if schedule permits.

If Dr. Vickers has the time permitted in his schedule, provided you are not suffering with an extremely advanced cancer, it may be possible for Dr. Vickers to come to your home and take you through one-two weeks on the Basic Gerson Therapy with follow-up online going forward.

While it is emphatically recommended that you come to our clinic for care, to be under a doctor’s supervision, this service will be provided on a rare occasion based on extreme need or circumstances. The Advanced Gerson Therapy, which gives you an exponentially greater chance at survival than the Basic Gerson Therapy, is not included in this service. You must come to our clinic to receive that program.

Pricing for this service will be comparable to a week on the Gerson Therapy at our clinic and you will be required to buy the entire Gerson line of supplements and supplies before Dr. Vickers’ arrival. International patients will be slightly more based on airfare and hotel stay.

If this option interests you please contact our clinic for potential availability.

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