Detox and Weight Loss Program

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For ten years I have been treating patients in my chiropractic and Gerson clinics around the world for various problems and chronic pain syndromes more related to poor diet and being overweight than actual spinal related problems themselves.

In spite of the dozens of different weight-loss programs, or philosophies, available today, Americans continue to be the most overweight people on the planet. Modern weight-loss programs, heavily promoted in the media today through expensive advertising campaigns, simply do not address the underlying metabolic problems befalling the average American. After analyzing today’s low-carb, low-fat or high-protein weight-loss philosophies, it has become increasing clear that, not only do they not address the underlying roots of the problem, they are actually dangerous approaches to weight-loss. Furthermore, systems that rely on pre-packaged foods and snacks actually contain very toxic, unhealthy ingredients that do nothing to promote health and longevity; the final result being a lamentable failure of these systems in helping people lose weight they desperately desire to lose and the inability to put people on the road to true health and longevity. This is why I have decided to focus my efforts in the realm of weight-loss and the prevention of disease.

With my world-class background in nutritional healing, based on the principles of the Gerson Therapy, I have put together a system that thoroughly addresses the deep underlying causes of metabolic deficiencies and corrects them in the safest, most natural ways available. On my program, my clients typically lose a half of a pound a day until they are their ideal weight. I have no doubt my clients will be absolutely delighted as they watch their bodies and their health rapidly transform in ways they only dreamed possible. Below are the details of my Three Month Weight-Loss Program. It is a comprehensive, all-inclusive program designed to transform your body and health. If you do not believe you can carry out the program for either logistical, or financial, reasons my program can be tailored to meet your needs. If you are interested in this program contact us via phone or email at the contact information provided.

Three Month Weight-loss and Detoxification Program

1) Comprehensive Health History and Analysis

2) Three-month supply of all supplements and equipment necessary to complete protocol

3) Monthly re-evaluations and consultations by phone/email

4) Two-hour private phone consultation

5) Three-month supply of specially-roasted Gerson coffee

6) Three-month supply of Omega Nutrition Flax Seed Oil

7) Three-month supply of all enzymes and probiotics

8) Three-month supply of all adjunctive herbal teas and wholefoods

9) Copy of the Gerson Primer/Workbook and Instructional DVD Series

10) Three months unlimited access to Dr. Vickers for addressing any questions

Total Cost: $1900


*** This is not a program for addressing advanced or terminal disease****** For more information on a stay at our clinic in Mexico please contact us at the information provided***

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