Enzymes and Digestion

If there is one fact happening in America today, it is the reality that there are more and more people having digestive issues today! There are many reasons that lead to intestinal problems like eating too many enzyme deficient cooked foods, prolonged use of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs, etc. I wanna spend a little time discussing the relationship between enzymes and digestion to give the reader a deeper understanding and why we need to be supplementing with plant based certified digestive enzymes and probiotics at each meal, i.e. Core Health Products.

The thermodynamics of food concern energy in the form of biochemical compounds. The original source of that energy is the sun, as its electromagnetic energy is trapped in natural chemicals (known as phytonutrients in plant food) during photosynthesis. Humans are created to utilize energy from foods that we eat, however, many foods we ingest do not contain the “biogenic light energy,” therefore, exhausting our “enzyme potential” in the body.

What does all this mean? We must realize that our lives are maintained, not by the food we eat, but by the food we actually digest. Food must be broken down by enzymes into simpler building blocks or it is useless. For example, proteins into amino acids, carbs into simple sugars, and fat into essential fatty acids. Any cooked food above 118 degrees lacks the enzymes we need to digest it, therefore, causing our metabolic enzymes to assist our digestive enzymes to break down our foods.

To make sure we do not exhaust our metabolic enzyme potential, we must eat plenty of raw and predigested foods (fruits, veggies, sprouts, sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds). When we eat raw foods, the biogenic or light energy that they posses due to the process of photosynthesis, is given to us when we eat the food. This gives us plenty of energy and nourishment. The more “exogenous enzymes” we get, the less energy and “endogenous enzymes” we need to synthesize or borrow from our organs and metabolic processes.

The difference between “live” (raw) and “dead” (cooked) food is enzymatic activity. The enzymes found in raw food are released when we chew them in our mouth and actually aid in the digestion of that same food. The remaining 10% of the digestive enzymes from raw food, will assist our metabolic enzymes, helping to regenerate our blood, tissues, and organs. The enzymes inherent in raw food digest 50-75% of it themselves, without the help of enzymes secreted by the body.

When we eat cooked foods, especially fatty and starchy foods, it causes more hydrochloric acid (HCl) to be secreted in the stomach, and most of the food is digested in the small intestines. Raw foods are the opposite, most of it is digested in the stomach.

Popular opinion once claimed that most enzymes are killed in the HCl stomach acid, however, new research indicates that plant derived supplemental enzymes and raw food enzymes are activated and inactivated in the stomach and activated throughout the digestive tract to complete the digestive process. So whether you are a vegetarian or someone who eats lots of cooked food, supplementing with enzymes and probiotics that work through the entire digestive system at different pH levels, is highly recommended. Core Health Products are certified and work throughout the entire digestive system. Remember, we live based on the food we digest; not by the food we consume. In other words, nutrient utilization is more important than simple consumption of foods.

We are aging faster and faster and it is partly due to enzyme deficiency caused by our lifestyle habits and the enzyme deficient foods we eat daily. A key to live longer and healthier is consuming more enzyme rich raw foods and taking supplemental enzymes daily with each meal.

To life and wellness!

John Nardozzi

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