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Diets! Short-Term Benefits? Long-Term Dangers!

          As American culture continues to center itself around convenience, the state of health in this country will continue to decline year after year. The majority of Americans make decisions based solely on utility and convenience. This kind of philosophy has made its way into the health and nutrition world and […]

Too Much Animal Protein and Disease!

When you talk to most physicians, trainers, or nutritionists, they will tell you that the key to sustained weight loss is a diet high in animal protein, moderate to low in carbs, and low in fat. So you begin to eat larger amounts of animal proteins in the form of dairy, chicken, red meat, and […]

Amino Acids and Your Health

With the growing phenomena of nutrient deficient diseases in America today, there is very little discussion regarding the importance and deficiency of amino acids and your health. You hear lots of discussion in the health industry about vitamin, mineral, and hormone deficiencies/imbalances, albeit, without amino acids, none of those just mentioned will function properly. You […]

The Cycle of Balance

With the ongoing progress in the health industry, along with, technological advancement, the Western allopathic medical model is losing the war against disease. If this is not the case, then how come heart disease, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, diabetes, and cancer are continuing to rise? If, we are making so-called progress in medicine. There are […]

Enzymes and Digestion

If there is one fact happening in America today, it is the reality that there are more and more people having digestive issues today! There are many reasons that lead to intestinal problems like eating too many enzyme deficient cooked foods, prolonged use of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs, etc. I wanna spend a little […]

Kangen Water Reduces blood and tissue acidosis

Why Kangen Water will reduce over-acidification in the body! So what causes over acidification in the body? For starters, the normal functions of the body have metabolic by products that are acid forming, therefore, without eating or drinking the body builds up acid waste. It is acidic waste that builds up in our interstitial fluids […]

Inflammation, The Silent Killer!

One of the most talked about topics today regarding your health is the role that inflammation plays in most, if not all, disease processes. A book titled, “Enzyme Therapy,” written by Drs. Wolfe and Ransberger state, “inflammation in its multitude of forms is perhaps the most general and fundamental reaction in all pathological processes.” Most […]

Kangen Water and Pregnancy!

The Facts about Pregnancy and Kangen Alkaline Water! The Facts About Pregnancy & Alkaline Water In recent years there have been many questions raised about the safety of drinking alkaline water during pregnancy, for both mother and baby. This article has been written to help answer these questions. World renowned authorities on Health & Wellness […]

Fat Is Not Your Enemy

  Many so called diet trends you find today in t.v. ads, magazines, and the medical community condemn the word “Fat!” People have become obsessed with “No Fat” diets thinking this is the key for weight loss and overall health. When you look at health from a cellular perspective, you realize that “Fat” should be […]

Kangen Water and the Brain! Dr Corinne Allen

Water and the Brain! Why Kangen water will help with mental illness! Water and The Brain by Dr. Corinne Allen Why is Water So Important for the Brain? The Brain is 85% water. Optimal brain function depends on water and lots of it. Water is what keeps the brain signals going. When the quality of […]